In every human society that is ready for development and change, innovation is usually a lofty goal of inventiveness that has always dazzled the mind. Innovation is the introduction of new ideas, development and approach to ways of doing things. No matter how wonderful and inevitable an innovation may look however, not every individual or group will be ready to accept it with the same level of enthusiasm. There are those who are willingly ready for it, those who are hesitant about it, and of course those who are averse to it.

Mass Communication, especially in terms of the print and the electronic media, has embraced fully an array of cutting-edge communication technologies which no doubt have introduced new things and new ways of operation in the communication business. Since the turn of the millennium, the print and the electronic media of mass communication have all been astir with unrelieved ICT-based technological innovations. Though the introduction of the internet since the 1990s has continued to wax strong in every industry, it has actually brought mixed feelings in the minds of the print media consumers and those of the publishers. That is exactly why Kelly (2000) asserts that: On one side of the clash, we have people of the book. These are the group of people who make newspapers, magazines, etc.

On the other side, we have the people of the screen; they prefer the dynamic flux of the screen. The seemingly class struggle between the two divides is a result of the need for each group to dominate the stage in the highly competitive and ever evolving world of mass media.  The people of the book fear that the page will die.

The introduction of on-line newspaper readership and its wide patronage has led the people of the book to ask questions, such as: Will my PC be smarter than me? Will we plug computer into our brains? Will everything be digital? Will we close the ‘book’ on books? And most importantly, will we still turn pages? Times Weekly News Magazine (2000). The revolution caused by the internet phenomenon has spread all over the world, and our country Nigeria is not left out; virtually every media organisation now makes use of internet aided machines and equipment.



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